How To Make More Money Online Doing Exactly What You Are Doing

How happy would you be with an extra $50 in your pocket each and every day? I bet you would be ecstatic and the truth is you should be, but how can you make an extra $50 per day? The truth is that if you are making any money right now then you can make more but you just have to change the way you are doing things and work a little smarter.

For years I thought that I had to work more than 8 hours per day just to get ahead but the truth is that I can do the same amount of work by just changing the times that I work. Here is what I did and so can you. All you need to do in order to get more work done online is figure out what time is the best where you have no distractions and it is just you and your computer? Think about it because for me I changed working in the middle of the day to working later at night when everybody was asleep in my house. The reason this worked is because I was able to cut out all the distractions and I didn’t have to worry about emails or phone calls. Just with this small adjustment I can now do my 8 hours or work in only 3.

Another way to make more money doing exactly what you are currently doing is by hiring a virtual assistant. I know this may sound unreasonable but the fact of the matter is if you can get somebody to help you out with what you are doing now then you can do even more. Hiring a virtual assistant will often times cost less than you think, for instance I was able to find a really good virtual assistant for just $2.50 per hour.

If you really want to make more money then there is one thing that you must do, fill out a planner. The reason why you need to fill out a day planner is so that you can know exactly what you need to get done each and every day that way you won’t forget anything and you will be able to get more done. I know this may sound like a useless item but the numbers don’t lie and I was able to be 41% more efficient by simply filling out a day planner. If you want to be more efficient and easily earn cash online then trust me and get yourself a day planner.